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Good Afternoon!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted! I have so much I want to post about, but no time! I have been terribly busy with the holiday’s!

I was on vacation last week and am on vacation again starting today! I will be back Monday the 5th though and am looking forward to posting again!

Until then, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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1.What type of problems did you experience with the use of the pump?

2. Would you advice the option of the Continuous monitoring system?

3.How accurate and reliable is the sensor?

4.You are not aware of a pump system that sends the data (glucose levels) to a device like a watch for easier reading?

5. Do you achieve better control with the pump in terms of less highs and lows?

6. Is it painful inserting the sensor and the infusion set?

I recently took pictures of the whole process of inserting an infusion set for my pump. I am planning on posting them soon along with the verbage of what I’m doing. I think that will really help for you to see how it all works. When I was thinking of getting one, that part that scared me was that it would hurt and I wanted to see how it went it and all that, but I couldn’t find any info on that!

I do not have the CBGM yet, so I don’t have any answers for you about that. I want to get it though, and am working with insurance to get it approved. I’ve been trying for a year and so far it hasn’t gone well.

I have the minimed paradigm 722 insulin pump. I use a quick-serter set, although I know there are other types of sets available if you want. There are kinds that you can insert yourself, but I am very happy with the quick serter.

I don’t want to say there is NO pain, because there is some, but it is minimal. Honestly, it’s much less painful than it looks like it would be! Sometimes it doens’t hurt at all, sometimes it just stings for a minute or 2, and sometimes it stings for a couple hours. But it’s worth it.

The quick serter makes it so you just load everything up into the serter that is spring loaded, and you pull back on it to “load” it, just like you do to test the blood sugar, pull back on the lever to make it spring loaded and then hit the button and it quickly pokes the skin to draw a little blood. But in this case you push the button and it quickly plunges the needle, covered by a short, thin, flexible cannula into the skin. You then take the needle out (which I don’t feel at all), just leaving the cannula.

Problems I have with the pump….sometimes it gets in the way. I usually keep my in my back pants pocket. The tubing also can be a pain and get in the way. I’ve had a couple buttons stop working, and I’m had a section of it break off so my insulin wouldn’t stay in the pump, but both times minimed sent a new pump right away and I just sent the old one back.

I do achieve much better sugar levels using the pump! And if I do have a high, I can easily and quickly bring it down just by pressing a button.

It is not a cure all. You can’t just expect that once it’s on and your hooked up, you never have to worry about diabetes again. You still need to test your blood sugar several times a day and everything, it just makes it to you can give yourself insulin for a meal, or for a high with the touch of a button, instead of filling a syringe and giving a shot each time.

Overall, I think it is worth it!

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Saturday morning I thought I was having a dream about my husband making me drink egg nog. It completely felt like an out of body experience, like I was watching myself. I watched my dream while I drank the egg nog, and a few minutes later I could feel the glass in my hand. I thought, this can’t be real. But sure enough it was. It felt just like when I woke up to the paramedics in my room with the iv. Except this time, my husband took care of me all by himself!
He said he woke up because I was making weird noises in my sleep. He shook me to wake me up, and he said I looked at him, but there was no response. He testes my blood sugar and it read 26! My blood sugar has never been that low before! He said he went to the kitchen to get my some juice. He cradled my head and helped me drink 2 glasses. I don’t remember that at all, but when he showed me the cup I remembered seeing the cup. Weird.
After the juice he waited 15 min’s and tested my sugar again. Still 26. Thats when he went and got the low fat egg nog. Thats stuff is chocked full of carbs! 20 carbs in 4 oz! He asked me to take the glass and drink the egg nog. He said he could tell it was hard for me to take the glass, but I was able to and I very slowly, and with much prompting, drank it all by myself.
That’s when I started really coming back into consciousness. Once I realized that this was all real, my husband said he could see the light come back to my eyes. He said it was such a relief. I asked him what happened, and he went through the story with me.
I was so frustrated that I’d pretty much gone into another diabetic coma from low blood sugar! I adjusted my basal settings at that hour, and then couple hours preceding it. It is so scary being unconscious!
So far adjusting the basal settings helped, and I haven’t had any more horrible lows like that yet. But 2 in 4 months when before I’d never had any?? I’m wondering if I’m becoming a brittle diabetic.
I’m going to tell my doctor, and hopefully it will give her more leverage to get my insurance to approve the CBGM for me. I really need it.

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This article mentions a product called HammerGel to treat lows. It is supposed to help regulate your sugar while it brings it back up to help avoid the yo yo that so many diabetics get of going from low to way to high. I am going to get some and  give it try!


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I’ve been following the progress on the cancer drugs they found that may be a cure for type 1 diabetes…..even if you already have it! Here is another article about it.


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Good Morning.

I had a wonderful weekend doing holiday activities. As you know by now, I love the holiday’s! One of the hardest parts of them, is all the treats that people bring to our house, work, and anywhere else they can get them! I love chocolates, fudge, cookies, breads….any baked goods but it is so hard to regulate my blood sugar when I’m devouring home-made goods that I have to guesstimate the carbs on, and that are usualy filled with fat. Fat presents a whole other set of blood sugar issues!

Friday night we went to a friends for dinner. The main dish was sushi. I stuck to California rolls, since I’m not a fan of raw fish. I have had some wonderful raw sushi to, but I have to be in the mood for it. Anyway, there was wine, sushi, sake, teriyaki sauce, and of course dessert! I estimated the best I could for the sweet teriyaki sauce and the rice in the sushi. I could have gone without the dessert, but everyone else was having some and I didn’t want to be rude! 🙂

So I figured the carbs in the ice cream, and frozen strawberries, and guessed how much was in the homemade toffee whipped cream! I have to give myself kudos, because 2 hours later my sugar reading was great!

Saturday morning I woke up with a still good reading! Go team! I had a friends baby shower to go to at noon. Of course there were lots of snacks. I indulged, and had to guess at how many carbs were in everything. I had yogurt with granola and fruit, a hashbrown casserole, and an egg casserole. I underestimated my carbs, because 2 hours later my sugar was high! 257. 😦 I did not feel good about that at all!

That evening we had my parents over for holiday stuff. They wanted to have dinner, so they brought pizza and breadsticks. There was also chocolate, brownies, gingerbread, egg nog, hot cocoa, and cider!! Loads of carbs! I took insulin about 3 times over an hour because I kept eating! I actually over did it, and ended up with a 57 blood sugar reading that evening.

Sunday we went to another family dinner. There was quiche, scones, and an apple cranberry salad. Oh and of course more dessert! Homemade truffles and chocolate ice cream. I just had a little, but still more than I needed! More guessing of how the scones, fruit salad, and quiche was made. I did pretty good…over estimated a little and ended up with a sugar reading of 63 2 hours after the meal. For some reason it kept dropping though, and I ended up with a 44 reading at 5, and then underestimated and had a 188 reading at 7:30! Ugh, it is frustrating!

This time of year is always a challenge. I should just ignore all the desserts and stick to my low fat diet. I just can’t bring myself to avoid it all though! So I’ll keep working on figuring the insulin I need to give myself and striving for 70 – 130 readings!

Does anyone else have issues with handling all the holiday treats?

Good luck to you all!

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Thank goodness it’s Friday! Seriously, I am more than ready for the weekend! I need to sleep in for a day!

My basal adjustments helped with my sugars a lot, although I still have some tweaks to make. Hopefully I will be able to stay at these rates for a while and not have to change them again in a few days!

Today I will have the joy of changing my infusion set to look forward to! Not! But, then I will be good for another 5 days.

Tonight my husband and I have plans with one of his co-workers and his wife for dinner. It will be at their house and they are preparing sushi. I’m looking forward to a night out!

Ok, does anyone have any advice on how to handle having a low while your insulin is still acting?

So If I take units for dinner, and an hour after dinner I test my blood sugar and it’s already 60, but my insulin still has an hour to act, how many carbs do I need to eat? Normally if there is no bolus insulin in my system I have 5 carbs to bring my blood sugar up 20 points. Obviously I need more than that when there is still bolus insulin acting but I don’t know how much.

Sorry I’ve been so full of questions lately! Everyone’s advice so far has been really helpful and I appreciate it!

Have a great weekend!

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