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Oh and by the way, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to everyone!! I hope you all had a great one. My husband planned a weekend getaway for us! We had a great time. It was very relaxing. We left the puppy with a friend and it was a much needed getaway! A beautiful hotel, amazing meal, and a trip to the zoo! I love the zoo. đŸ™‚

And I stayed away from MOST of the treats. Thank goodness my husband doesn’t get me chocolates for Valentine’s Day, because I LOVE chocolates and don’t need them! We ate subway for lunch, and had salmon with crab, veggies, and rice for dinner, and Greek food for lunch the next day. It was all pretty healthy! Valentine’s Day can be hard on diabetics! Even the sugar free candy still has almost as many carbs in it as the normal stuff.


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At my last doctors visit, my doctor told me that there is no way she will be able to get my Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance to approve a CBGM. They say there are no studies showing that it’s helped anyone avoid lows or highs, and until there are, they won’t approve it. It’s ” investigational” for now. Bad news.

So she said she wants to work extra hard with me on avoiding my lows/highs. Right now she is more concerned with my lows, and so am I. I am tired of them! Plus, I’m starting to worry that my body is losing it’s awareness that I am having them, because I have so many. Not good.

So, we went over my last week or so of sugars. Unfortunately I still don’t have the software to just plug my meter in to my computer and have it plug the numbers in, so I had to manually enter the number into a spreadsheet which was very time consuming. I really need to get that software! I’ve just been drowning in medical bills and have a hard time even coming up with the extra $50 for it. I know it will help so much with finding trends and I’m sure I would be able to achieve better control over my sugars if I got it. I really need to get it.

Anyway, after looking over my sugars, she asked if I’m using the bolus wizard. I said no. When I got diabetes, I started with shots so I learned how to count my carbs and figure out how much insulin I needed. I didn’t want to forget how to do that by having a machine do it for me, so I never set it up when I got the pump. That was back when I ALWAYS had a 1 unit to 10 carbs ratio so it wasn’t hard to figure anyway. NOW, my morning is different from my afternoon, and my afternoon and morning are different from my evening!

So we put in all the settings to get the bolus wizard ready to go. I’ve only been using it for a week, but so far I think I like it. I still haven’t perfected it…I still have highs after lunch, and lows after dinner. But I am tweeking it and every day I’m excited to see what my sugar will read 2 hours after a meal. Did I fix the problem with yesterday’s tweeks? I’m getting closer!

So, I would recommend using the bolus wizard if you’re not. At least give it a try. You can always go back! This just takes the human error factor out of it. And I’ve noticed that I’m taking almost 10 units less a days since I’ve started using it. I always like taking less insulin!

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This article is very interesting about using a special tattoo ink that will change color based on what your blood glucose reading is. I’m not for having a huge tattoo, but they say just a small one would work and the ink wouldn’t have to go as deep into the skin as a regular tattoo’s ink.

I like the idea of not having to constantly poke myself to check my blood sugar, plus have a tattoo that changes color is pretty cool to! Check it out:


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I can’t agree more with this vlog by six until me! Diabetes is an invisible disease. People have NO idea how rotten diabetics feel when their sugar drops to low, or goes to high.

It is so hard for me to work, drive, think, eat, function at all while having a low blood sugar. And it is painful to have a high blood sugar. My feet ache and feel swollen and hot, and my body aches like it would before you get the flu. Just because you can’t SEE the pain, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. And in this case, it isn’t only pain, but inability to function at times!

We DO need a cure, badly! Not to mention all the complications bad blood sugars cause in the future……nerve damage causing eye problems, heart problems, numbness, even amputations for some….the list goes on!

Even though you can’t see our pain, it is there.

Here is the vlog by six until me and I know that SO many type 1 diabetics can relate! *this is linked with sixuntilme’s permission*


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Ok, so I’ve heard of a few different things in the past 6 months that could be a cure for type 1 diabetes. Now lets get it done! I want the cure, not just all this hope for one!

This article discusses how genetically modified lettuce cured type 1 diabetes in mice. It basically fooled the bacteria in the gut, convincing it’s immune cells to accept rather than attack!

“Helped by bacteria in the gut, the lettuce-delivered human insulin genes quickly ‘teach’ the gut’s immune cells to accept rather than attack them – permanently quelling the autoimmune response that is type 1 diabetes in a matter of weeks.”

To continue this research on human studies, they need 20 million dollars. Seems to me that taking into consideration the cost of medical supplies for type 1 diabetes, they should be able to get that funding! Let me tell you, if I had 20 mil, I would fun it myself! Can’t someone write a letter to Bill Gates or Oprah??


click on the above link to read the article.

I for one, am ready for the cure!

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