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I know, it has been far to long since I’ve posted! I had a very busy weekend, and a busy day yesterday getting caught up from the weekend! But I’m back now! My husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary of the day we started dating over the weekend. We had a lot of fun reminising and spending time together.

I woke up this morning with a low – 54. Actually, the past few mornings I’ve woken up with it lower than normal….normally in the high 60’s though. I think it’s from the date after ovulation. I need to chart my sugars to see a clear line, and then adjust my night time basal settings so I can wake up with a 100 instead! I just wish my blood sugar trends were more consistant!

I struggled with a few lows over the weekend. One was kind of my fault. I had dinner with a friend, and afterwards we wanted to workout. Normally I wait until my insulin is done (2 hrs after eating) before working out so I can check it and make sure it’s high enough to workout. Well, she was in a hurry and I wanted to workout so I threw caution to the wind and told myself it would be ok. During the workout I noticed I was sweating quite a bit more than normal, especially for the workout I was doing. After the workout we went to a department store to look at clothes and purses. While we were looking I realized I was responding very slowly to things my friend was saying to me. Normally, my husband would have told me in the middle of my workout that I looked like I was having a low and needed to test my sugar. He can tell instantly….he says I get a vacant look in my eye. Of course my friend doesn’t know that look, and she probably just thought I was being a weirdo. Anyway, when I realized how slowly I was responding to her I tested my sugar. 38….dang it! I ate 3 glucose tabs and started feeling better within 10 minutes.

I recently learned that the reason people with low blood sugars (especially that low) can act irrational, or slow to respond…or a number of other symptoms, is that when you’re having a low your brain is not getting enough glucose. Your brain needs glucose to run effectively! A diabetic coma happens when you really don’t have enough sugar and your brain just shuts down. It says, “sorry buddy, I can’t work with this, I’m closing up shop”….and there you are, unconscious. I was glad to learn that fact though, because now when I’m feeling retarded and slow I always think, “I bet I’m having a low. I need to test my sugar.”

So, I have a few challenges in front of me. I need to fix waking up with lows by adjusting my basal settings during the night. I also need to be a little more generous with giving myself the full 1 unit of insulin to 10 carbs of food at lunchtime. I was having so many lows last month and I don’t want to have them anymore so I’m much more “stingy” with my insulin. But I must be back to normal (At least for now) because I’ve been having 180 – 200’s in my 2 hrs after lunch test. I don’t want those numbers either!


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For the past couple month I have been struggling with odd numbers and no real explanation of why they are doing what they are doing. Why do I need to take 3 units for a 30 carb meal one day, and the next day taking 3 units for the same 30 carbs gives me a low? Why do I wake up at 3am and test and my sugar is 100 one day, and the next day at 3am it is 250? Why do I need to adjust my basal and bolus rates so often? What is causing the change? HOW do I adjust them correctly, and know when my body needs different amounts of insulin?

Since I have been charting while my husband and I are TTC, I’ve noticed some patterns that might help me answer some of my blood sugar questions, depending on where I am in my cycle.

Here’s what I’ve noticed so far:
Having lows (30’s) from AF – O
adjusted basal rates down, little bits each day.
Went from
12a – 1.4 to .80
2a – 1.0 to .80
5a – .85 same
8a -1.4 same
10a – .75 to .65
1p – .70
6p – .65
9p – .90 (can’t remember change)

Also I only needed to take 1:15 insulin carb ratio (sometimes a little less even) instead of regular 1:10.
Day of temp rise (o) my sugars went up (200+) with current rates

I switched to:
12a – 8.0 to 1.15 (adjusting slowly up)
2a – .80
5a – .85
8a – 1.4
10a – .65
1p – .70
6p – .65
9p – .90 to 1.20

It looks like I’m going to have to adjust my rates depending on where I am in my cycle AF – O, and after O – AF. I am working on finding the perfect rates for both and I will record them so I can just adjust them to the correct rate for that time.

The research continues!

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