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So, not a lot to report here. Life has settled down a lot. My husband and I had a relaxing, laid back weekend to make up for last weekend! My blood sugars have been pretty good. I’ve been having lows before dinner, and before lunch. Saturday and Sunday my blood sugar was just high all day. Nothing I did seemed to bring it down, it just stayed at 200! I think it was because I was on my weekend basal, but I was getting up at 9am. I usually don’t get up until 10 or 11 on the weekend. Anyway, so now I’m not sure if I need to use my weekend basal rates anymore or if I can just use my regular ones! This is a learning disease for sure! It seems to be always changing!


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A few weeks ago I posted on one of my experiences of getting low blood sugars from drinking alcohol. After having a few comments on the subject, it got me thinking more about WHY alcohol makes your blood sugar drop. I researched the subject and found the following information from the American Diabetes Assoc.


Basically it explains that when you drink alcohol your liver attempts to eradicate the alcohol before it remedies the glucose in your system. If you have more than 2 oz of alcohol while your glucose is dropping, this can cause a severe low blood sugar. Keys to prevention of low blood sugar while drinking alcohol include never drinking on an empty stomach, and continue snacking while you drink.

It is a very informative and helpful article.

Feel free to comment with your experiences or any questions.

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Here is a picture of the Minimed Paradigm 722 (a), with the continuous blood glucose monitor (c) and transmitter (d), and of course the infusion set (b). Currently I only use a and b, but I am working with insurance to get c and d…..if they will cover it. The monthly supplies to keep it running are about $350 a month. Ouch. But, it has great health benefits, giving me my blood sugar reading every 1 minute! I would be able to maintain great control with this device.

I’m not thrilled to have ANOTHER piece of equipment attached to me, but in the long run I defiantly think it’s worth it.

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Diabetes is a daily struggle. Every meal I eat affects my blood sugar.

The past couple weeks have been a larger than normal struggle for me. Recently my sugars have been all over the board.

My body seems to be changing it’s needs everyday so I don’t really see a way to get it right anymore. One day I need 1 unit of insulin for 10 carbs and the next day I need 1 unit for 15 carbs. So if I have a meal with 60 carbs and I take 6 units some days it would be perfect, and some I would have a horrible low. If I have a horrible low a couple times and try taking less insulin (1 to 15), then I’d reduce my insulin to 4 units for the same 60 carbs. I’ll be good for that day but when I do the same thing the next day it’ll go up to 220 when I test 2 hrs after my meal! How am I supposed to know what my body wants at the moment? I don’t know. I’ve never had these problems until the last couple months, but it’s getting worse.

I need the Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor but I can’t afford it, and my insurance won’t cover it. I’ve been working on getting them to cover it for months, and before I had this insurance I worked for a year with my last insurance to no avail.

To put the cherry on the top, my husband and I have been TTC our first child and it seems that as soon as we started trying to gain tighter control over my sugars, they started going nuts. Right when I need them to be the best they can be!

My dream has always been to be a stay at home mom to 2 beautiful healthy children. I am not giving up on that dream!

This has been really discouraging to me lately.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring more sense and better numbers!

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