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Good Morning.

I had a wonderful weekend doing holiday activities. As you know by now, I love the holiday’s! One of the hardest parts of them, is all the treats that people bring to our house, work, and anywhere else they can get them! I love chocolates, fudge, cookies, breads….any baked goods but it is so hard to regulate my blood sugar when I’m devouring home-made goods that I have to guesstimate the carbs on, and that are usualy filled with fat. Fat presents a whole other set of blood sugar issues!

Friday night we went to a friends for dinner. The main dish was sushi. I stuck to California rolls, since I’m not a fan of raw fish. I have had some wonderful raw sushi to, but I have to be in the mood for it. Anyway, there was wine, sushi, sake, teriyaki sauce, and of course dessert! I estimated the best I could for the sweet teriyaki sauce and the rice in the sushi. I could have gone without the dessert, but everyone else was having some and I didn’t want to be rude! 🙂

So I figured the carbs in the ice cream, and frozen strawberries, and guessed how much was in the homemade toffee whipped cream! I have to give myself kudos, because 2 hours later my sugar reading was great!

Saturday morning I woke up with a still good reading! Go team! I had a friends baby shower to go to at noon. Of course there were lots of snacks. I indulged, and had to guess at how many carbs were in everything. I had yogurt with granola and fruit, a hashbrown casserole, and an egg casserole. I underestimated my carbs, because 2 hours later my sugar was high! 257. 😦 I did not feel good about that at all!

That evening we had my parents over for holiday stuff. They wanted to have dinner, so they brought pizza and breadsticks. There was also chocolate, brownies, gingerbread, egg nog, hot cocoa, and cider!! Loads of carbs! I took insulin about 3 times over an hour because I kept eating! I actually over did it, and ended up with a 57 blood sugar reading that evening.

Sunday we went to another family dinner. There was quiche, scones, and an apple cranberry salad. Oh and of course more dessert! Homemade truffles and chocolate ice cream. I just had a little, but still more than I needed! More guessing of how the scones, fruit salad, and quiche was made. I did pretty good…over estimated a little and ended up with a sugar reading of 63 2 hours after the meal. For some reason it kept dropping though, and I ended up with a 44 reading at 5, and then underestimated and had a 188 reading at 7:30! Ugh, it is frustrating!

This time of year is always a challenge. I should just ignore all the desserts and stick to my low fat diet. I just can’t bring myself to avoid it all though! So I’ll keep working on figuring the insulin I need to give myself and striving for 70 – 130 readings!

Does anyone else have issues with handling all the holiday treats?

Good luck to you all!


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