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Thank God It’s Friday! This week has seemed to drag on and on. At the same time, the days all went by quickly, just the WEEK dragged! Either way, I am welcoming the weekend!

My husband is my greatest support! I love him and respect him so much. I value his opinion and he helps me so much with my diabetes management! Last night however, at 11:30 pm, I wasn’t feeling so grateful for his advice.

We rarely bump heads when it comes to my diabetes. We usually try and figure out the problem, be it lows or highs, and come up with a solution to try and fix it. After I had my diabetic coma from a low, and then 2 more almost coma’s, he has gotten much more strict about me not having lows – ever. Of course I understand where he’s coming from. It’s scary to see your loved one out of consciousness, or almost out of consciousness and knowing that if you hadn’t woken up they could have died from it.

In my 7 years as a type 1 diabetic, I have seen LOTS of lows. Ranging from 69 – 28. When I used to have a low, my husband would just go get me some juice or something to bring it up. NOW, I get a lecture for every low. Especially if I have one before bed.

So, last night I tested at 10:30 and my blood sugar was 45. Eeek. Not only was it really low, but I had taken a bolus at 9pm, so it still had a half hour to act. I suspended my pump, and reported to DH. He was not happy. He went and got me something to bring it up and we laid in bed and waited. And argued. He wanted me to to keep it higher, like around 150 instead of around 80. He’s already told me that and I have made an effort to keep it more around 120. At the same time I wanted to point out that keeping it to high wasn’t good either. I don’t want to keep it at 150 or more. At this point he was ready for me to keep it at 200! Anything to keep me from having a low, especially during the night.

200! What?!!? I couldn’t even believe he said that. Maybe I was being a little irrational since my sugar was so low, I don’t know, but I argued that point into the ground. 200 was just not ok. I told him maybe he should meet with my doctor.

Not that I should keep it low either. I know that! He kept reminding me that he was more concerned that I could die from a low in one night, and it would take several years for me to die from having 200’s.

It was now 11 and I was really irritated. How could he not care when I have a 200? I HATE when my blood sugar reads 200 or higher. We re-tested my sugar to see where the food had gotten it. No where. It read at 45. Crap. Now he was even madder. At least the last basal I’d had was now out of my system.

That was the wrong thing to bring up. I got some bread to eat to bring up my sugar, while hubby told me that I need to not eat anything past 8pm anymore so my insulin is done by 10 and we can test it and if it’s low, bring it up by 10:30 – 11 at the latest so we can get to bed on time.

Well that just didn’t seem fair to me. We often have snacks or hot cocoa at 9 or 9:30 while we’re watching tv. Now I can’t be a part of that? What he was requesting does make sense. It would be the safest way to handle my diabetes and lows, but it just didn’t sound good at the time. I want to have the freedom to eat whenever I want! Realistically I can’t do that, but wouldn’t it be nice?

At 11:30 I was tired, irriated, and just wanted to go to bed. I re-tested my sugar hoping that it was up, and the reading showed 69. Thank goodness!

My 3am test was 180. DH asked what it was and when I told him he didn’t say anything. It irritated me. I took .4 units to bring it down….but not to much.

At 7am I asked hubby what he thought of my 180 reading and he said it was fine with him. He was happy with it. It helped him sleep. If only he knew how frustrating it is for me when my reading is anything over 150.

Again, let me point out that he is a lifesaver and so helpful in helping me figure out whats going on with my blood sugar! Minus this one area….where I don’t feel like we are working together.

Anyone else have similar frustrations??


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Good Morning.

I had a wonderful weekend doing holiday activities. As you know by now, I love the holiday’s! One of the hardest parts of them, is all the treats that people bring to our house, work, and anywhere else they can get them! I love chocolates, fudge, cookies, breads….any baked goods but it is so hard to regulate my blood sugar when I’m devouring home-made goods that I have to guesstimate the carbs on, and that are usualy filled with fat. Fat presents a whole other set of blood sugar issues!

Friday night we went to a friends for dinner. The main dish was sushi. I stuck to California rolls, since I’m not a fan of raw fish. I have had some wonderful raw sushi to, but I have to be in the mood for it. Anyway, there was wine, sushi, sake, teriyaki sauce, and of course dessert! I estimated the best I could for the sweet teriyaki sauce and the rice in the sushi. I could have gone without the dessert, but everyone else was having some and I didn’t want to be rude! 🙂

So I figured the carbs in the ice cream, and frozen strawberries, and guessed how much was in the homemade toffee whipped cream! I have to give myself kudos, because 2 hours later my sugar reading was great!

Saturday morning I woke up with a still good reading! Go team! I had a friends baby shower to go to at noon. Of course there were lots of snacks. I indulged, and had to guess at how many carbs were in everything. I had yogurt with granola and fruit, a hashbrown casserole, and an egg casserole. I underestimated my carbs, because 2 hours later my sugar was high! 257. 😦 I did not feel good about that at all!

That evening we had my parents over for holiday stuff. They wanted to have dinner, so they brought pizza and breadsticks. There was also chocolate, brownies, gingerbread, egg nog, hot cocoa, and cider!! Loads of carbs! I took insulin about 3 times over an hour because I kept eating! I actually over did it, and ended up with a 57 blood sugar reading that evening.

Sunday we went to another family dinner. There was quiche, scones, and an apple cranberry salad. Oh and of course more dessert! Homemade truffles and chocolate ice cream. I just had a little, but still more than I needed! More guessing of how the scones, fruit salad, and quiche was made. I did pretty good…over estimated a little and ended up with a sugar reading of 63 2 hours after the meal. For some reason it kept dropping though, and I ended up with a 44 reading at 5, and then underestimated and had a 188 reading at 7:30! Ugh, it is frustrating!

This time of year is always a challenge. I should just ignore all the desserts and stick to my low fat diet. I just can’t bring myself to avoid it all though! So I’ll keep working on figuring the insulin I need to give myself and striving for 70 – 130 readings!

Does anyone else have issues with handling all the holiday treats?

Good luck to you all!

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Can I just say THANK YOU to everyone who is leaving comments. It is so helpful for me! I am still very frustrated with my diabetes today. The most frustrating thing is that my needs are constantly changing and I don’t feel like I can keep up. It seems that as soon as I decide to adjust one rate, another one has a problem, or as soon as I adjust it, it goes back to how it was acting previously and I just have to change it back! Ahhh!

So last night I took some of my commenters advice. I had my usual night-time low, so I started by treating with 2 hard candies. My sugar was 51. I took 2 hard candies which had 5 carbs each, and should have brought my sugar up 20 each, so a total of 40 points. I tested a half hour later and my sugar was…..51. Ugh! Stupid blood sugar. So I ate another hard candy and 2 glucose tabs before bed. At 3 am I tested and my sugar was 135….which seemed right to me with all that I had eaten. Ah, finally success. My 7am should be 135 and I’m off to a good start to the day. Nope, my 7am was 208. Where did that come from?

So, I did some adjustment to my basal rates. After suffering from highs in the morning and fairly consistent lows before lunch (in the 40’s – 50’s) I adjusted my 10am basal from .65 to .55 and my 2am or 5am basal up, and my 9pm basal from 1.20 to 1.05 to hopefully avoid my before bed lows.
Also, for breakfast I am taking 1:15 carb ratio because my usual 1:10 that I take for all other meals is making me way to low. I may need to try 1:20. I’m hoping my adjustment to my 10am – 1pm basal will help with my morning lows also. Hopefully the 2 combined will solve the problem.

rates as of 12/3
12a – .95
2a – .80
5a – 1.05
8a – 1.45
10a – .55
1p – .70
6p – .65
9p – 1.05

Any advice?? Words of wisdom? Anyone in the same boat? I feel like after these adjustments my sugars will be good for a couple days and then I’ll have to change them again!

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Ok seriously, I don’t know what is going on lately but I am having blood sugar battles! I can’t keep up. My blood sugar was terribly high after Thanksgiving dinner. Higher than it’s been for a long time! It was 300! I’m blaming it on the alcohol I was drinking throughout the day, but still I was working so hard at making sure I had a good reading after Thanksgiving dinner. Needless to say I was very disappointed!
Since then I’ve been fighting lots of lows, and a few highs.
I have a new problem that I’m wondering if anyone can offer any advice on. It seems like lately if my blood sugar is low and I have something to correct it, it won’t go up! I check it a half hour after I eat and it’s that same, or barely up. So I eat more and a half hour – 1 hr later it’s up a little more, but not much. Then, a few hours later I test it and it’s 200! It’s like it’s taking the food hours and hours to go through my system. For instance, last night after dinner I tested my blood sugar and it was 48. So I had some milk to bring it up. A half hour later I tested and it was 53. So I had a little more milk. An hour later I tested (before bed) and it was 80. I went to bed and this morning at 7 it was 200! It is so frustrating!
I am getting very frustrated with these lows and highs! Help!

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I know, it has been far to long since I’ve posted! I had a very busy weekend, and a busy day yesterday getting caught up from the weekend! But I’m back now! My husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary of the day we started dating over the weekend. We had a lot of fun reminising and spending time together.

I woke up this morning with a low – 54. Actually, the past few mornings I’ve woken up with it lower than normal….normally in the high 60’s though. I think it’s from the date after ovulation. I need to chart my sugars to see a clear line, and then adjust my night time basal settings so I can wake up with a 100 instead! I just wish my blood sugar trends were more consistant!

I struggled with a few lows over the weekend. One was kind of my fault. I had dinner with a friend, and afterwards we wanted to workout. Normally I wait until my insulin is done (2 hrs after eating) before working out so I can check it and make sure it’s high enough to workout. Well, she was in a hurry and I wanted to workout so I threw caution to the wind and told myself it would be ok. During the workout I noticed I was sweating quite a bit more than normal, especially for the workout I was doing. After the workout we went to a department store to look at clothes and purses. While we were looking I realized I was responding very slowly to things my friend was saying to me. Normally, my husband would have told me in the middle of my workout that I looked like I was having a low and needed to test my sugar. He can tell instantly….he says I get a vacant look in my eye. Of course my friend doesn’t know that look, and she probably just thought I was being a weirdo. Anyway, when I realized how slowly I was responding to her I tested my sugar. 38….dang it! I ate 3 glucose tabs and started feeling better within 10 minutes.

I recently learned that the reason people with low blood sugars (especially that low) can act irrational, or slow to respond…or a number of other symptoms, is that when you’re having a low your brain is not getting enough glucose. Your brain needs glucose to run effectively! A diabetic coma happens when you really don’t have enough sugar and your brain just shuts down. It says, “sorry buddy, I can’t work with this, I’m closing up shop”….and there you are, unconscious. I was glad to learn that fact though, because now when I’m feeling retarded and slow I always think, “I bet I’m having a low. I need to test my sugar.”

So, I have a few challenges in front of me. I need to fix waking up with lows by adjusting my basal settings during the night. I also need to be a little more generous with giving myself the full 1 unit of insulin to 10 carbs of food at lunchtime. I was having so many lows last month and I don’t want to have them anymore so I’m much more “stingy” with my insulin. But I must be back to normal (At least for now) because I’ve been having 180 – 200’s in my 2 hrs after lunch test. I don’t want those numbers either!

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I woke up this morning with a low. It wasn’t a horrible low, 67. But still, I’d like to wake up to an 80. I still have some tweaks to make to my basal settings it looks like. By the time I get it right, it’ll be crazy again.

I’m working on getting a program for my freestyle glucose meter that will document my sugars and make me graphs so I can see patterns. I think that may help me figure out where I need to adjust my basal settings. It helps to see a chart or a graph.

Last night I had a late dinner, so when I tested my sugar before bed, my insulin from dinner still had an hour to work. I tested and it was 200! An hour later I tested again (once the insulin from dinner was done) and it was 134. Does that mean that every time I eat my sugar goes up into the 200’s and the insulin just brings it back down in 2 hours? If so, I didn’t realize it worked that way. It makes me a little nervous if that is the case, because that means that even with good control I’m still having highs every time I eat. Maybe it was just a fluke.

Also, when I workout I always test my sugar before I go. It’s typically around 100. I suspend my pump for my workout, so I don’t have a low. I test again after my workout and it’s usually about 150, and I pump my pump back on. Since my body hasn’t had any insulin for the past hour, is my sugar still going up from 150? Because sometimes I’ll notice later that evening my sugar is high and it doesn’t make any sense.

I know sugars change based on SO many things: Stress, exercise, food, hormones, prescriptions, etc. It’s hard to keep it perfect all the time. I want to live a long, healthy, fulfilling life with no complications. Cheers to a bright future.

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