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1.What type of problems did you experience with the use of the pump?

2. Would you advice the option of the Continuous monitoring system?

3.How accurate and reliable is the sensor?

4.You are not aware of a pump system that sends the data (glucose levels) to a device like a watch for easier reading?

5. Do you achieve better control with the pump in terms of less highs and lows?

6. Is it painful inserting the sensor and the infusion set?

I recently took pictures of the whole process of inserting an infusion set for my pump. I am planning on posting them soon along with the verbage of what I’m doing. I think that will really help for you to see how it all works. When I was thinking of getting one, that part that scared me was that it would hurt and I wanted to see how it went it and all that, but I couldn’t find any info on that!

I do not have the CBGM yet, so I don’t have any answers for you about that. I want to get it though, and am working with insurance to get it approved. I’ve been trying for a year and so far it hasn’t gone well.

I have the minimed paradigm 722 insulin pump. I use a quick-serter set, although I know there are other types of sets available if you want. There are kinds that you can insert yourself, but I am very happy with the quick serter.

I don’t want to say there is NO pain, because there is some, but it is minimal. Honestly, it’s much less painful than it looks like it would be! Sometimes it doens’t hurt at all, sometimes it just stings for a minute or 2, and sometimes it stings for a couple hours. But it’s worth it.

The quick serter makes it so you just load everything up into the serter that is spring loaded, and you pull back on it to “load” it, just like you do to test the blood sugar, pull back on the lever to make it spring loaded and then hit the button and it quickly pokes the skin to draw a little blood. But in this case you push the button and it quickly plunges the needle, covered by a short, thin, flexible cannula into the skin. You then take the needle out (which I don’t feel at all), just leaving the cannula.

Problems I have with the pump….sometimes it gets in the way. I usually keep my in my back pants pocket. The tubing also can be a pain and get in the way. I’ve had a couple buttons stop working, and I’m had a section of it break off so my insulin wouldn’t stay in the pump, but both times minimed sent a new pump right away and I just sent the old one back.

I do achieve much better sugar levels using the pump! And if I do have a high, I can easily and quickly bring it down just by pressing a button.

It is not a cure all. You can’t just expect that once it’s on and your hooked up, you never have to worry about diabetes again. You still need to test your blood sugar several times a day and everything, it just makes it to you can give yourself insulin for a meal, or for a high with the touch of a button, instead of filling a syringe and giving a shot each time.

Overall, I think it is worth it!


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