Life goes on

So, not a lot to report here. Life has settled down a lot. My husband and I had a relaxing, laid back weekend to make up for last weekend! My blood sugars have been pretty good. I’ve been having lows before dinner, and before lunch. Saturday and Sunday my blood sugar was just high all day. Nothing I did seemed to bring it down, it just stayed at 200! I think it was because I was on my weekend basal, but I was getting up at 9am. I usually don’t get up until 10 or 11 on the weekend. Anyway, so now I’m not sure if I need to use my weekend basal rates anymore or if I can just use my regular ones! This is a learning disease for sure! It seems to be always changing!


Grandpa’s Funeral

What a whirlwind! The last week has been pretty much insane. Last Tuesday I found out that my grandpa had been given 3 days to live by his hospice care givers. My mom and I made plans to go visit him Wednesday, but we were to late. Grandpa passed away Wednesday morning at 4am. He was 84 years old. He was ready to go. A couple months prior he was admitted to the hospital with double pneumonia. They didn’t think he’d make it through that, but he did! He was healed, and his pneumonia was gone! However, the whole ordeal weakened his body and he never really recovered. He was ready to go home, and to see his wife who passed a few years ago. Although it is always sad when someone passes, we know that this is what he wanted. He was miserable down here waiting….spending all day in the hospital. Now he is where he wants to be. Grandpa was great with his hands. He was a carpenter, and a great one! He made my mom several things. A few that stick out in my mind are a house to go over her mailbox, a wood nativity scene, and a car desk for my little brother when he was very young. I remember lots of family trips where we all went to stay at his house. We’d always play croquet and had a great time with the whole family….cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, and grandpa and grandma. I love you Grandpa and you will be missed.

So, we got the news on Wednesday morning, the 15th and the planning began. Our family is all over. AZ, CA, NC, CO, WA….and more. So coordinating was a little difficult. Lots of phone calls had to be made to make all the decisions, even the small ones. They decided to have the memorial on Monday the 20th, so family started coming in on Friday the 17th.

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. April 16th was a very important day! It was DH’s 27th birthday. I bought him lunch to celebrate, and made him his dinner of choice. He chose Kung Pao Chicken with Miso soup and Fried Rice. I’d never made any of those things, so I was a little nervous, but it’s what the man wanted! It actually turned out really good! I’m positive we will have it again! For dessert he wanted Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream. He’d been having it all week though, and I gave him a gift card to DQ, so after dinner we drove to DQ so he could get a blizzard. It was a good night. His big gift from me this year was Emma, so I didn’t get him much else. A couple movie passes to Carmike Cinema’s, and lunch!!

Friday the17th I had the day off work. Kind of. I told my poor, overly busy, stressed out mom that I would help her in the morning until she had to leave for her meeting. So I got up at normal time and got to work at 9. After work I had lunch with hubby, and then went groc shopping a little early to beat all the family that was coming to stay! Then I rushed to my hair appointment at 3:30. I told her to cut all the bad stuff off….and she did. My hair is very short now. A little to short. It’s fine if I straighten it, but if I leave the curls to take over, the bounce up very high! So I think I’m going to spend the extra time to straighten it for a few weeks to let it grow out a little before I go back to curly! Anyway, it’s fun having a new hair style. And DH loves it. So far I think everyone likes it….but they could be lying. 🙂

After my hair appointment I rushed home to get back in time for hubby’s surprise birthday dinner! It was a blast. It was great to see his face when the server showed us to a long table set up for 14 people!!  We had a great time at dinner, and invited everyone over to our house for the after party. We had fun playing the Wii, playing with Emma, drinking, talking and laughing until 4am. Happy Birthday Hubby!!

Saturday I went golfing. And cured my hangover with more drinking. It was such a gorgeous day out, and golfing was a perfect way to spend it! The beer cart kept bringing the Mike’s Hard Lemonades, and we kept drinking them. By the end of golf, I should have stopped, but my friend invited us to a BBQ at her house. We went over and of course she had wine galore. We had wine and sat in the sunshine soaking in the rays. My cousin text me at about 6 to let me know she was on her way over, so we said goodbye and headed home to greet her. There were a lot of people at the house when we got there.  It was a great time. I loved seeing everyone. I really wanted to dance so we ended up going to Riley’s for a couple hours to dance the night away.

The next morning was not friendly. I felt very sick. We had another birthday meal to go to for DH’s birthday! His parents! We had hamburgers and baked beans and potato salad. Yum! After I ate I felt much better. We played with our 1 year old neice and after lunch took her for a walk to the park. It was another beautiful day!!! Especially in the spring, after a long cold winter.

Monday morning was the Memorial. We all got ready and left the house at 11am. There was lots more family there, and plenty of hugs were passed out to everyone. After the Memorial there was a lunch. Then we headed to Grandpa’s house to go over the reading of the will. When we got home we invited lots of family over for games and popcorn. While we waited for them we took Emma for a walk to the park. She had a lot of fun! So much to see! We had a great time with everyone that night playing games and laughing.

Tuesday DH and I went back to work. It was really hard to work knowing there was family at the house!! And with the weather being so beautiful!

Now I’m just trying to get back into the normal swing of things. I think this weekend we will do a lot of relaxing!!

Another diabetic coma??

It happened again! I can’t believe it and I am so irritated by it!

I worked at my mom’s shop on Friday. We didn’t work hard, we goofed off more, and just hung out. We sampled some new juices she had, and talked. I was there from noon – 4:30 when I headed home. Before heading home I thought I felt a little low, but I was in a hurry, so instead of testing my sugar I just ate an orange, and drank some juice before getting in the car to drive home. I texted my husband on my way home to see how his day was. He got off work at 5, so he would be home just a few minutes after me. Since he was going to be home right after me, I didn’t mention that I was just then on my way home.

When I got home I went in and played with the puppy for a few minutes. I sat in her chair with her…….and the next thing I know I’m dreaming. My dream is about being in a diabetic coma from a low. I can hear people talking about someone who is in a coma and asking questions of someone about it. I am just thinking, I am so glad that is not me, and this is just a dream. I feel cold, so cold that I am shaking profusely and can’t get myself to stop no matter how hard I try. And wait, now I hear the puppy barking in the background, and someone says “small poke”. Was that to me?? The voices start to clear up and I realize that I’m not having a bad dream, this is real, and it’s me who’s in a diabetic coma.

Oh crap, I thought. I wanted more than anything to just wish it away. To keep my eyes closed and turn it into a dream. But I knew I couldn’t. I opened my eyes to 4 paramedics and my husband, all gathered around me on the couch. I didn’t know what day it was, or what time it was. It looked like afternoon, judging from the sunlight. I thought that was weird, because it should be morning right?

The paramedics asked me questions…..”Do you know who that guy is?” they asked, pointing to my husband. I nodded and my brain quickly said, “My husband” but it was much harder to get my mouth to form the words and get them out.  It probably sounded more like “Ay Usand” Ugh, I felt like a retard. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing how to say it correctly and thinking so clearly, but speaking so slowly and unclearly. They asked me if I could tell them his name. I mumbled it the best I could.

When I looked at him he looked so stressed out. He mouthed, “I’m sorry” at me. I knew he hated calling the paramedics because he knew how much I hated having them there.

They tested my sugar again and it was 121, so they packed everything up, took my iv out, and were on their way out. Once they left I asked T what happened. I had no idea what had happened. He said when we got home he found me passed out in Emma’s chair, with Emma freaking out, barking at me and scratching at me. He had no idea how long I’d been home, so he didn’t know how long I’d been out. He tested my bs and it was 22. He got some fast acting glucose gel out of the cupboard and squirted some in my mouth. I spit it out. I don’t know why, but I fight him tooth and nail when he tries to help me! He put more in my mouth and tried to pour some juice down my throat to wash it down. I spit it out again, and he said it sounded like I was going to choke so he stopped trying that. He tested my sugar again and it was up to 28. He was relieved and thought he could get it up. He waited a little longer and tested again and it was back down to 21. When it started going back down he called the paramedics. He said it took them a half hour to get there, and when they tested my sugar it was down to 16. Thats the lowest it’s ever been!

They hooked me right up to the iv and pumped in the dextrose, and T said that in 30 seconds I was waking up. They did another finger stick on me a few minutes later (Which hurt like the dickens by the way, and actually STILL hurts!! This is why I don’t do finger sticks!) and it was 121. It’s amazing how fast that stuff works!

I am so irritated that this happened while I was awake! I could understand my other one a little, since I have a hard time waking up when I’m having a bad low, but this, this is not ok with me at all. And I didn’t feel bad, I just felt tired I think, because if I remember correctly I just decided to take a little nap. Although it wasn’t a nap at all!

So 30 minutes later we tested my sugar again and it was 83….going down. So T gave me a piece of bread with jelly on it to get it back up. I ate it while he held me, wrapped in a blanket because I was freezing. I was still shaking and having a hard time moving and talking quickly. My shirt and hair was sticky from when I’d spit out the gel and juice T had tried to give me. As soon as I stopped shaking I got in the shower. It warmed me up and cleaned me off.

After my shower we tested my sugar again and it was 171, going up. I started making dinner while T worked on a work project. A half hour later dinner was ready and I tested my sugar again. It was up to 298!!! Ugh, I felt like crap with it that high. Nauseous!! Of course I didn’t want to take to much insulin and have another low, so I gave myself enough for dinner, with about 5 units extra, which should have brought it down about 200 points.

I tested an hour later, 348. Now I was getting pissed. Again, I didn’t want to over-do it with the insulin, so I gave myself 4 more units. I still had a little of my insulin from dinner working for me.

I tested an hour later, 398! I couldn’t believe it! Really?? I took 5 more units, and one hour later I was down to 312. At least it was going down! An hour later I was in the 200’s, and an hour later, right before bed, I was down to a comfortable 107!

So, my low started at 5pm, and the repercussions from it lasted until 2am!

The important part is that I am ok. I don’t know why it happened, but I don’t want it to happen again! I test my sugar every 2 hrs now while I’m at work and report the reading to my husband. When I’m with him, he can always tell right away when I am having a low. He says he can see it in my face and eyes. It’s when I’m not with him that we’re worried about.

I’m hoping this won’t ever happen again!

Still not healed. :(

Today at lunch Trav noticed a big lump above Emma’s stitches, but right under where the other tooth mark was that was just a scratch and didn’t need stitches. It looks like it’s full of puss and probably abscessed. 😦 So, we’re taking her to the vet this afternoon. Hopefully we’re just thinking the worst and it won’t be a big deal. I don’t want her, or us, to have to go through another surgery….this time probably with a drain to. Ugh…… So I’m praying that it will be something small. Poor little Emma. Not even 4 months and she may already be going in for her 2nd surgery.

Emma’s 2nd surgery

Yes, as I feared, Emma’s small bite that didn’t need stitches has an abscess. The vet said it was most likely there from the beginning, but it was very small when we took her in 8 hours after she got bitten. So small that is wasn’t noticeable at all. Then she was on antibiotics for the stitches until just the other day, and they said once the antibiotics were done, the infection that had been there the whole time started growing. The antibiotics were keeping it small, but they didn’t get rid of it. So, now they have to drain it and sew a drain in for 5 days to make sure and get it all out. Poor little Emma. We just got the stitches all healed up, and now she’s getting a drain put in. I am just praying that it all goes smoothly, it doesn’t cost to much, and that she won’t want to scratch at the drain while it’s in, like she did the stitches. I would hate for her to end up catching on it and ripping at it, or ripping it out, or causing it to get infected….etc. I just want her to be healed!

In other news….

Poor Emma!

Vacation started for me on Friday the 20th. I had a spa pedicure at noon. I slept in, and got to the spa right on time. I haven’t had a pedicure since my last birthday, so I was well over-due! After my pedicure I went to help mom pick out a few outfits for our trip, and I used some of her self tanning lotion so my legs weren’t so scary white. 🙂 Trav got off work at 3 so I headed home to meet up with him. Ladd was due to arrive between 3 – 4.
Ladd and Zues (his doggy) arrived at about 4:30. It was really good to see them. We introduced Zues and Emma. They really seemed to like each other and played and played in the back yard.
Then we loaded up the crew and headed to Air’s for taco’s for dinner! Yummy!
The taco’s were delicious!!! Mya, Bell, Emma, and Zues had a blast playing together. There were so many dogs in the living room! It was a little scary. 🙂 We watched scary movies and drank wine. We had a lot of fun. Air had a big bag of treats and at about midnight she got them out to pass out to the dogs. We gave them all some treats, and then Ladd showed us some tricks Zues could do. In the process, one of the treats fell on the floor and both Zues and Emma went for it. Zues is very protective of his treats and was not happy that Emma tried to get it from him. He latched on to her neck and started whipping her around the room. Emma was crying and crying and I was totally helpless. Zues had locked down. The whole thing probably only lasted 30 seconds, but to me it felt like an hour until Ladd was able to get Zues to let go. We ushered Emma into another room to hold her and make sure she was ok. She was so scared. Just shaking. My heart was broken. I was just so happy there was minimal damage. She had one very minor bite mark, and one that was pretty deep. She slept in the room with us that night and we cuddled her lots.
In the morning, her spirits were much higher. She was even playing with Zues, Mya, and Bell again. But we decided we needed to take her in to get the deep bite looked at. She left the vet with stitches and antibiotics. Here she is in her shirt we put on her to cover the stitches because she kept scratching at them. Ladd stepped up to the plate and paid the whole bill. He felt terrible. He’s going to get Zues some training to hopefully make him not attack other dogs over food/toys/treats. Zues is the sweetest dog. He is a lover and loves to play. He just gets to protective of his food.
Sunday morning we got up at 3am to get ready and have breakfast at Denny’s. We wanted to be able to sleep that night by 6pm since we had to get up at 1am to leave. So we got up extra early so we’d be tired! We cleaned the house and finished packing before heading over to Air’s at 9am to help her organize her garage and hang out. We were leaving Emma with her that afternoon as well.
We kissed Emma goodbye and headed to my parents for dinner before going to bed at 6pm that night to get ready to leave for our trip at 1am!

Cancun, Mexico
Riu Caribe Resort
Ahhhhh. I love that feeling I have right after getting back from a relaxing vacation. Life seems a little brighter, like it has a fresh new start. Waking up in the morning isn’t so hard, and the daily routine of life doesn’t seem to treacherous. For a while. Unfortunately the feeling doesn’t last for long. But I’m going to enjoy it while it’s here!

The alarm woke us up at 1am. We got ready, loaded the car, and were to my parents at 2! We loaded their luggage and ours into the van and were on the road to PDX by 2:30. We arrived at the airport right on time at 4, and were checked in, through security, and waiting at our gate by 5. Our plane was on time, and in no time we were on the plane to Cancun. We had a plane change in Denver, but we arrived in Cancun at 3pm. Our resort was beautiful. The lobby was filled with plants. The floor was marble and beautiful. We were greeted by “Welcome drinks” and the staff ushered us inside and got us checked in. The weather was amazing. Sunny and 85…..perfect. Our rooms were big and had a balcony with a view that looked over the ocean. I’ve never had an actual ocean view room, so it was really neat. Of course our mini fridge was stocked with water, pop, and beer, and we had a mini bar with 4 full size bottles of liquor! All restocked daily!
We were anxious to see the beach and I was craving a bahama mama! We hit the lobby bar to get drinks before heading down to the beach to walk along with water and check it all out. It was a really nice beach. Soft white sand, clear-blue, warm water….ahhh. A picture of paradise.
We changed and got ready for our first meal. We wanted to do dinner at the buffet and we were all very surprised by the quality of all the food. There was Salmon, Prime Rib, pastas, salads, fruit, potatoes, fajitas, burritos, tacos, and so much more! And the dessert bar was to die for. A variety of about 10 different desserts to choose from, and they were all rich, creamy, and delicious. After dessert they offered us cappuccino’s. We took them up on the offer, and we are so glad we did. The cappuccino’s were so good. They became a daily, sometimes more than once a day, occurrence. After trying the buffet and loving it that much, we couldn’t wait to try the specialty restaurants. There was a Mexican, Asian, and Steakhouse specialty restaurant.
We finished off our first night with some drinks in the lobby bar and watching the entertainment for the evening. There was a Mariachi Band that was really good, and after that it was Karaoke night! It’s always fun to see people making fools of themselves, and every now and then be pleasantly surprised by a really nice voice.
We were all very tired and headed to bed pretty early our first night. We were excited to get up and start a fresh new day.

First things first! We were up at 8, and on the beach by 9. We found beach chairs to lie on and we laid on the beach and played in the ocean. Warm clear blue water is so much more fun to splash around in than freezing cold dark blue water that is on our Oregon coast. We had a great day. After lunch we spent some time at the pool. We had reservations at the Mexican Restaurant that evening, so at 5 we headed in to shower and get dressed for dinner. The Mexican Restaurant was very nicely decorated. They had big beautiful plates and the room was big and all marble. We had appetizers, drinks, and ordered our entree. I got chicken filled with pumpkin sauce that was very tasty. After dinner we went to the show of the night: Grease! It was a lot of fun. I love watching the dancing. They do such a good job.

We had a wonderful breakfast at the buffet before heading down to the beach. Fresh fruit, cappuccino’s, fresh omelet’s, french toast….the list goes on and on. I don’t normally eat breakfast, but with so much good food, I didn’t have a problem filling a couple plates!
We layed on the beach and played in the ocean all day. Our dinner reservations that evening were at the Steakhouse. The Steakhouse was their most popular restaurant and it was very hard to get in at a good time. My dad did the best he could, but the earliest time they had was 9:30! I was starving by 7, so we decided to go have a snack at the buffet. Our snack ended up being a whole dinner, because it’s impossible to say no to all the good food they have. Even if you just have a “bite” of everything you want to try, it still fills your plate! Don’t worry though, we didn’t cancel our reservations at the steak house!! 🙂 At 9:30 they brought us our drinks and a roll with butter. A few moments later they brought out an appetizer platter with vegetable tempura, onion rings, and chicken wings. It was so good. When we finished that they brought out Caesar salads. I’m not kidding, I think it was was best Caesar salad I’ve ever had. Then we order our entree. We all ordered the rib eye steak. Once our salad was finished they brought out soup. It was tomato and cream of artichoke. It was red and white and somehow they just separated it right down the middle. It was really cool, and very good. Once our soup was finished they brought out our steaks. They came with cooked spinach, a baked tomato, and a red potato. By the end of this meal I was stuffed. Everything was so good. They weren’t done yet! For dessert they had baked alaska, which is ice cream cake that they light the frosting around the outside on fire to “bake” it. It was really fun to watch them make it and of course tasted amazing! By the time dinner was over it was almost midnight. Dinner was more like a show that night.

You guessed it, breakfast first and then off to lay on the beach.
It was another beautiful day. Sunny and 85. We got our beach chairs and were lucky enough to find a little beach hut today, so we could get a little shade when we needed to. Hubby became friends with the beach bartender Ross today. Ross mixed us up lots of special drinks. He made me wonderful bahama mama’s, pina colada’s, and riviera maya’s! After lunch he really started mixin the drinks for us, and by dinner time  hubby was ordering us shots! Ross made some delicious fruity shots. We had dinner at the buffet that evening, so we could go anytime. I was pretty drunk by dinner time and my poor parents were in for a treat. I made it through dinner fine, but for dessert I got a large plate of strawberries and chocolate sauce and I ended up getting chocolate sauce everywhere. Hubs usually takes care of me, but he was as far gone as I was this night, so he was no help. My parents actually made me leave the restaurant (and the strawberries and chocolate sauce). After dinner we went to the show of the night, which I don’t remember. But I’m sure it was good. I spent most of my time at the theater bar that night. On our way home from the theater we stopped at the lobby bar to order another drink. Hubby ended up ordering another couple rounds of shots, and we noticed that a couple guys sitting next to us seemed interested in them. So, we ordered another round, for all 4 of us. Thats when we met Dan and Von from Philly. They were really nice. It was their first night there. We learned a lot about Philly, and they asked us if we go cow tipping since we’re from Oregon. Ah Oregon, what a great reputation you give us! In conversation we found out it was Von’s 26th birthday, so we of course ordered more shots to celebrate. We ended up taking shots until the lobby bar closed, and then stumbled up to our room to go to bed. We woke up at 4am and we were both laying on top of the covers, still in our clothes, with all the lights on in the room and the door to the balcony still wide open! Reminded me of our college days!

Needless to say we slept in! Not to late, but until 9:30. Then we headed to breakfast and back to the beach. We didn’t visit our favorite bartender Ross though! We said hello to him and that we wouldn’t be drinking that day! We had another great day just laying on the beach, soaking in the sun, and playing in the ocean – riding the waves. We had dinner at the buffet again and it was, as usual, amazingly delicious. The show for the night was Mexican dancing. It was fun to get a glimpse of their culture.

More of the same. Relaxing on the beach all day again. Today was a pina colada day. I even got my husband hooked on them. We played cards on the beach and took naps and just relaxed. We had reservations at the Asian Restaurant at 7:30. It was really good! I don’t eat sushi, but I do like rice rolls with veggies inside. They had rice rolls with red and yellow peppers inside and a wonderful soy/teryaki sauce to dip them in. The Miso Shiro soup was really good (2 bowls good) and the entrees were scrumptious. My favorites were the duck, the sweet n sour pork, and the chicken teryaki skewers. They had fried ice cream for dessert which I love. The show for the evening was Caribbean and it was so good. It was one of my favorites. The dancing and outfits were amazing. My parents went to bed after the show, but hubby and I got a table in the lobby and enjoyed the live band and a few more drinks before heading to bed.

How could it already be Sunday? I felt like we had just arrived, and it was already our last day in paradise! We had a very lazy day on the beach, and my mom and I went shopping at the vendor booths set up around the hotel. We painted a little ceramic candle holder for mom’s neighbor. It was a lot of fun. We bought a few bracelets, and my mom got a necklace and I got an anklet. I also found some maraca’s for our neighbors and a hand painted Mexican margarita glass for Air. That night we  saw a gentleman painting in a style that we had only seen before in Victoria when we were on vacation there one time. We loved it and ended up buying a painting when we were in Victoria and we got to get one in Mexico to! It’s a beautiful beach-scape with palm trees and the ocean with a couple dolphins jumping out of the water. It reminded us of our trip, since we spent most of our time just laying on the beach looking at the ocean. That night we had reservations at the Steakhouse again, this time at 6:30! We loved the steak house the first time so I was thrilled to get to go again….this time at dinner time! It was scrumptious again and we had a great time talking and eating.
After dinner we went to our last show, and it was the variety show. It had dancing from all over the world – USA, Spain, Mexico, and more. It was another great show. After the show we got all packed up and ready to leave in the morning.

We  got up at 7 so we’d have time to get one more walk on the beach in. It was a gorgeous morning, with no wind at all. We walked along the beach several time and collected some nice shells. Before heading in to shower we took one final dip in the ocean. It was sad to say goodbye. After we got ready we checked out and went to breakfast before catching our shuttle to the hotel.
Our flights were on time, and hubby and I got to sit by each other on both of them. We got home at 10pm and got ready for the work week.

Tuesday when I woke up for work I felt very refreshed which is just how I wanted to feel. Being back at work was hard though. By the end of the day I was exhausted! And COLD. Bur. Going from 85 – 45 is a big change. Tuesday night we picked Emma up from Air’s. And Air had taco’s for us! Yum. It was great to see Emma again. She’s grown so much. She is getting so big! Her stitches looked good too.

So, now it’s back to normal life. I can’t wait to go back for vacation again! Thanks again mom and dad for making it possible for us to go with you! We had so much fun.

Catching up….

First of all, my apologies for not posting for so long! I have had an overwhelmingly busy couple weeks!

My mom called me Friday evening, the 20th of February, and told me that she and my dad had just finished booking an all-inclusive resort in Cancun. My hubby and I went to a resort in Cancun last year and came back telling them how wonderful it was and how they HAD to go! So they did it. My mom asked if we wanted to go with them….which of course we did, but it just wasn’t in the budget. She said she knew that, and thats why they would pay half! They were already getting a screamin deal, so our half for 7 nights in an all inclusive resort in Cancun, with airfare, would be $1000! What an amazing deal. We couldn’t turn it down! So, thanks to my wonderful parents, we are leaving on March 23rd for Cancun! We’re just going to stay in our resort, eat, drink, and lay on the beach or swim in the pool! I am really looking forward to it. This is the first year that we haven’t planned a vacation at all, but things worked out.

I guess that just goes to show that I need to trust things can and do work out. I have been unbelievably discouraged lately because my husband and I have been trying to concieve our first for a year now, with no luck. I don’t know if there is anything more frustrating. I have been living the healthiest lifestyle, and DH has been doing his best as well. But I understand his frustration when he goes 2 – 3 weeks without a drink, and it doesn’t seem to be making a difference anyway. He likes to have a glass of wine or 2 in the evenings, or a bottle or two on the weekends. Honestly, so do I! But we’ve flipped our world upside down trying for this, and still nothing. Meanwhile, I feel like all my friends, even those who weren’t planning or trying for a baby, are getting pregnant. The reason this month is especially discouraging, is because after this cycle, if I’m not pregnant again, I have to start the uncomfortable and expensive medical testing to see if there is something wrong with me.

Don’t I have enough problems? Why is this being added to the mix? I don’t know, but it sure is discouraging.

Enough of that! That has nothing to do with diabetes! I have been working with the bolus wizard for the past 3 weeks. I am still making little tweeks, but over all it’s going well and I like it. I had an appointment to review my progress with my doctor yesterday afternoon. I like my doctor, and type 1 diabetic doctors are hard to find in my area. However, sometimes she seems more stumped by my numbers than I am. She usually has some great advice and great things for me to try, but yesterday she just seemed bothered by the fact that my basal went from 1u, 1u, 1.3u, 1.2u, to .1u, and back to 1.4u. I explained to her that I have lots of lows in the morning and I tend to be high after lunch….but it just bothered her. Maybe it should, but it’s working and I just figured it out and I don’t want to have those terrible morning lows anymore! She wants me to even it out. Also, she is as stumped as I am that my sugars have so many inconsistencies. One day it’s doing one thing, and the next day it’s doing something else. This was the whole reason I originally asked for the CBGM. Since she couldn’t get my insurance to approve it, she wanted to work with me to try and fix my problems manually. Which I am all for, but it is frustrating to me when my doctor seems so confused.

So, now she wants to see me again in 2 weeks, and she wants to have her type 1 diabetic pumping doctor friend come meet with me as well, and hopefully be able to clear some things up.

I am having LESS lows which is great, but I am still having lows and I am so tired of it. I’ve decided to set a weekend “pattern” (I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before) since I ALWAYS have a horrible low if I sleep in…and I sleep in every weekend! I tried that for one weekend day last weekend, because I thought of it Saturday morning after my terrible low. Sunday my blood sugar was just fine and I slept in until almost 11! I changed it so in the early am I am basically taking no basal. It seems to be working.

I don’t understand why it goes so low on the weekends when I am sleeping. Even on the week days I usually don’t have breakfast, and my sugar doesn’t drop low. Of course, this stumped my doctor to. But we have to do what works.

So, thats where I am right now. I am hoping for no lows this weekend, and no highs either! Have a great weekend everyone.